Why Hold CCNA Certification Under Your Belt?

Everybody knows about The Cisco Certified Networking Associate (CCNA) certification as it is the most popular IT certification that attracts the attention of all Engineering students. It’s the basic choice of those who seek a break-through career in the Networking domain. The main objective and emphasis of the certification is on developing and enhancing relevant skills. The certification’s primary focus lies on developing appropriate skills to match the pace of development and use of technologies in today’s networking environment. You get an opportunity to build on your basics with CCNA Certification.

CCNA Certification – Career Concentration Paths

Possessing basic CCNA certification under the belt, enables you choose amongst the distinctive paths that can help you equip yourself with the right knowledge, skills and that in turn helps you boost your career.

The paths are:

CCNA Security takes care of troubleshooting as well as monitoring network devices to make sure that the data and network availability, integrity, and confidentiality stands maintained. A CCNA Security expert can get absorbed in the job roles of security administrator, network security specialist, or a network support engineer.
CCNA Voice Collaboration is a course that trains networking professionals over the skills in VoIP, which includes IP telephony, IP PBX, handset, voicemail solutions, and call control. The experts in this can find a career in the roles like voice manager, voice administrator, and voice engineer.

CCNA Wireless deals with using Cisco equipment in configuring, implementing, and supporting wireless LANs. A CCNA Wireless expert is equipped with knowledge and expertise to be employed as a WLAN project manager and also as a wireless support specialist.

CCNA R&S This is a substitute to the name CCNA if you don’t specify the type. So much is its popularity. This provides you the knowledge and skills related to basic and fundamentals of networking. It helps you gain expertise in installing, monitoring, and troubleshooting network infrastructure products designed by the industry leader in IP networking. The job roles after this can be like Associate network engineer, L1 network engineer.

CCNA Data Center This certification imparts knowledge and skills about how to support data center. If anyone aims to work in data centers then this gives you an initial entry to it.

Why obtain a CCNA certification?

What do you think – Is there any benefit of earning CCNA certification? Definite answer is YES and below is the reasons to it:

1. Proof of being Qualified

Regular survey reports prove that holding a reputed certification gives you an edge amongst the others who don’t possess it. It forms a parameter based on which you qualify for the calls from the employers and companies these days. Hence, CCNA certification, being the basic one in its field, is one of the determinants that the hiring managers use to find and decide about the talent they want in their organization.

2. Relevant Skills demanded by Networking domain

Acquiring and earning the CCNA certification upgrades and enhances your knowledge thereby sharpening your skills, necessary to flourish in the networking domain. It doesn’t matter the number of years you’ve been in the field, what matters is whether you are upgraded and whether you are moving with the industry trends and requirement or not? It is only through the latest certifications that you are believed to have it in you.

3. Bright Career

Adding on to the certifications under the belt increases the worth of your resume. It brightens the chances of your growth as well. The CCNA certification is a globally recognized certification and has its worth, no matter where you are. The skills are recognized and given importance over an untrained and uncertified candidate.

4. The first step to the advanced certifications.

Holding a CCNA certificate enables you to excel and move further up the certification level offered by CISCO technologies. For example being a CCNA certified professional you can opt for diverse CCNA certifications based on your interest i.e., CCNA security, Voice collaboration or wireless etc. It is again beneficial if you wish to pursue CCNP which is an expert level CISCO certification.

5. Employer Benefits out of it

If you question any employer and ask them to choose – they will definitely confirm that certified people have a professional attitude and approach towards their work. Hence, they think them to be fit for their investment of time, money and efforts.


The ever increasing complexities and all round technological advancements in the field of networking forecast a worldwide shortage of qualified networking professionals; hope this reason is sufficient to answer the query. Hence, if you are looking for a platform to showcase your skills in networking domain, CCNA certification is the answer to it. Earn your CCNA certification now from Networkers Home and kick start your career.

Networkers Home is an authorized CISCO learning partner. Hence, it can prove to be a trustworthy choice for it. Moreover, CCNA training at Networkers Home offers you real time labs to test your skills before taking the exam. We allow 24*7 lab access to ensure full practical exposure and practice.
Those who are hunting a career in networking, Networkers Home is the right place to start off.

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