Astounding Benefits of PMP Certification

Considering the readers, I assume that you are on the road to decide about doing or not doing this certification. PMP for sure requires lot of efforts and hard work to crack it. Climbing up the corporate ladder is the ambition of all; if it is not the case with you, then definitely you are meant for something else rather than the corporate world.

To take you up in the organization and management level, PMP for sure plays a very vital role. And yes it is worth of all the efforts put into it because of the benefits that I am going to state further in this article. PMP not only sharpens your management skills but also provides you with a different thought process to think and analyze situations from a different angle altogether, which in turn enables you to take best management decisions.

Below you can certainly find benefits of PMP certification that will make you believe that getting PMP certified is the correct choice for you.

Career Growth

This is the first and foremost reason and benefit of undergoing this certification. PMP is a globally recognized certification. All big shot organizations value their employees who hold this certification under their belt. Earning this reputed and highly demanded certification can land you with a better job.

Today we all know that corporate connections, network and links play an important role in career advancement. While pursuing PMP certification you are likely to get in touch with highly influential professionals. You never know who can offer you a better opportunity in your career.

Skill Enhancement

It’s definitely not easy to earn this certification as you are expected to undergo rigorous training for the same. A lot of self study, practice and analysis are required to be put in form your end as well if you really want to pass it with great score. This surely proves to be a skill enhancement program that enable you develop an understanding of management processes- planning, initiating, implementing, monitoring and controlling and finally closing. All this is essential for perfect project execution.

Earn More

One fact is for sure that PMP certified candidates are always preferred over non certified ones. Immediately on acquiring the degree, one can demand for great package from the organizations and even organizations tend to pay that happily as they know that they are getting the best professionals of the industry. According to surveys PMP certified earn 20% more than the non-certified ones and are capable of drawing a six figure salary. They get job offers for different profiles. Following chart would help you gain a better understanding of the above sated facts.

A PMP is not only valued in India but they have worth all across the globe.

Gain Leadership Quality

Leadership is one quality that many think is inborn but I say it is one quality that can be learnt. PMP helps you gain an insight into the leadership skill necessary to get the projects executed to the best. PMP certification helps you to judge and evaluate talents not only of self but also the other subordinate staff at the workplace.

While working on any project, obviously you have a team to work with. This certification helps you gain the expertise to manage and lead the team.

Opens the doors to a lot of career opportunities globally

PMP helps you to be recognized globally. It proves that you have the experience to work on numerous projects. And those projects prove your management skills. The PMP indicates that you are able to speak and understand the global language of project management and connects you to a community of professionals, organizations and experts worldwide.

Last but not the least, holding such a certification gives you a lot of confidence in your abilities and skills. Going for PMP certification is not an easy task. So if you are really serious on taking it up, you have to be totally devoted to its learning process, but trust me the fruits that you will bear in future would be worth all those extra efforts put in.

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