2013-2020: Our World the way I see it!

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I am one amongst billions who have observed the revolution called internet .Today if we do not use the Internet for a week, we feel like we are not connected to the world .It has all happened in front of my eyes .In my small city where I was a student ,I use to go to cyber cafe to access the net and that was my first experience with the internet .Then I experienced the first email account, first time chatting on Yahoo messenger , Skype Video conference  and other such innovations on the net. The world that we see has changed tremendously in the last 15 years .Today people keep high speed internet access in their pocket in form of their phones and EMAIL and SMS have become the new means of communication .Even mobile phone has changed from a talking device to an internet access tool .From finding any location through GPS, to using Net banking; everything is online .Everything from booking tickets to paying electricity bills has become online and people stream movies live without needing to go to DVD stores .

Underlying all these ,there lies a  tremendous opportunity that has emerged with more acceptability of internet everywhere, from government organizations to educational institutes .Young entrepreneurs like me emerged from small cities like Bahadurgarh (Haryana) and there were be millions of ambitious young entrepreneurs who saw an enormous growth potential coming ahead .Interestingly, these people may not have been rich but they were very forward looking people who understood things from everything they observed .In fact many people like me who became millionaires over night really did not realize that it could become so big .For example ,I personally never thought that many of fresher candidates can get a package of 12 Lakhs to 14 Lakhs . However if I look at number  of students who passed this year and got jobs ,it is a much higher figure compared to what I expected .Companies like Cisco systems hired in unexpectedly high numbers, even during the so called recession in the IT Industry.

Now all this makes me think about the next 7 years, which I personally believe will lead to emergence of millions of new entrepreneurs like me in various domains like mobile apps, cloud computing, network engineering, civil engineering, transport engineering and almost every single domain.

Imagine how big an opportunity it is, when every house will be connected to high speed internet like today in US and UK .Today if we look at the developed countries like US, UK, Japan and most of the European countries, technologies  like video conferencing has changed how business is done, and also interviews are conducted. People are meeting hundreds of people online in a single day and avoiding travelling for miles to have a face to face meeting .Online books have taken over printed books on the Amazon for the first time after 15 years and online study is the next big hit .It gives you access to world class training opportunities sitting from your home.

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