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There has never been more opportunity for engineers as today ,projects are getting bigger ,technology is maturing and adaption of technology is at peak .Today people only use app to do all the tasks which they use to do in physical manner couple of years back .Everything has gone online including shopping,banking ,studying and much more .However engineers are still not able to build a solid advantage of these changing times .I will give you my own account of building the profile in long term and benefitting from it .While working for Cisco TAC at one time ,sometimes 12 Years back ,i could forsee future growth of Cisco systems and Internet . I have spent over $4.5 Million USD in last 8 years in building one of the largest infrastructure and secured funding including Cisco capital to every big private financier in Bangalore city . I was very clear from day one that CCIE Tracks with best future are Security ,collaboration and Data center .All these tracks were far expensive in terms of equipment as compared to R&S which was just 10% of the cost of a Security track and 1/100 times cheaper as compared to a single CCIE Data center track .

Now let us go back to Cisco growth in last 10 years .Cisco systems revenue  was at 4.7 billion USD in 2004 while today it is selling 48 Billion USD equipment per year . Its  10 fold increase in revenue  .I could forsee it much ahead .Also we compare it to Microsoft and Apple ,Cisco is just half of them and there is a lot of scope as internet has only reached to 20% of population .

Now coming back to India ,I would not like to make many statements ,i would simple refer this report ….

Now let us come back to juice of this blog ,how do you make millions in booming IT economy in the World .Well i would simple say ,build a profile of a millonare and be into right technologies .People who really think thier R&S knowlege is going to get them next big consulting job are day dreaming .Today biggest salaries are listed for People in Security or Cloud Business . A mix of technologies is even more in demand .Another factor is the price of training has dropped down to half ,at one time average cost to become CCIE was around $15-20 K however today it is in price range of $5000-8000 per CCIE Track .


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