Why CCIE Data Center is the biggest opportunity as a career ?


Why is the ‘rush’ towards Data Center an ever-increasing phenomenon in today’s world?As the world is undergoing a stark shift in market dynamics due to financial constraints and an apparent economic meltdown, cost effective measures are the demand of the day. Every IT department of every organization irrespective of its scale has to reduce its total cost of ownership (TCO) to the minimum possible or the bare requisite as well as personnel required for the maintenance of the same.Cloud Computing brought about this revolutionary change wherein a pay as you go model was introduced as a bulk of the existing IT resources in an average organization were left unutilized. It made little or no sense to go ahead with the procurement of expensive networking infrastructure without fully understanding or estimating the actual resource or need for an efficient utilization of the same.Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) was a package that offered numerous advantages to organizations wherein the processing power, servers and their redundancy and security would be stored at fault tolerant locations referred to as Data Centres strategically designed to handle scalable processing needs.

A few of the advantages are listed hereunder:-

1. Less upfront cost for empowering every business to be IT-enabled

2. Greater reliability of data in a centralized storage location wherein redundancy at all levels have been achieved

3. Lesser personnel cost and TCO because there is no need for IT upgrade budget in the budgeting plan as scalable needs can be met with a scalable pay as you go plan

4. Instant scalability in seconds offered and insignificant delay between a crashed application being restored reducing all the RED TAPE typically associated with obtaining permissions

Why CCIE Data Center?

Cisco has always been an avid believer and contributor towards technologies that define the ‘today’ of networking and that shapes the future of the IT world. Pioneering in the same, Cisco data center portfolio has always been top-notch in terms of minimal power consumption, efficient processing capabilities (upto hundreds of Tbps) and ease of management through means of its software based Data Center managers.Cisco is a name that has echoed across all industry verticals with regards to the Data Center domain and this has reflected in a steep rise in the demand for Cisco’s Data Center products which can only see a phenomenal rise in the times to come.What does the Data Center mean to you?Scores of data centres are being set up all over the world by various organizations/service/cloud providers to be in a position to account for the enormous growth in information being exchanged over the Internet.According to data released recently as part of Cisco’s Global Cloud Index, total IP traffic over data centre networks will reach 4.8 zettabytes a year by 2015. Cloud computing based applications will account for one-third of it, or 1.6 zettabytes. The report depicts the hard core facts: the public Internet traffic gets most of the attention among internet end users but the data centres are moving data around on very fast networks behind the scenes to make the web run. Data centre traffic will continue to dominate Internet traffic for the foreseeable future, but the nature of data centre traffic will undergo a fundamental transformation brought about by cloud applications, services, and infrastructure.


By 2015, one-third of data centre traffic will be cloud traffic as can be seen here:-http://www.cisco.com/en/US/solutions/collateral/ns341/ns525/ns537/ns705/ns1175/Cloud_Index_White_Paper.html


Why DC@ Networkers Home?

Training on Data Center requires the physical infrastructure itself which comes at an extremely expensive cost to the tune of tens of crores of rupees. This represents a massive investment for data centre equipment in a non-production environment.Networkers Home is the first and ONLY training institute in Asia to have brand new Data Center equipment and a full-fledged data centre in-house to grant everyone a one-of-its kind opportunity on learning. With its state-of-the-art equipment and world-renowned expert-level trainers who have been actively engaged in consulting and designing networks over the last decade, training at Networkers Home is a once in a life time opportunity.Networkers Home has the track record for being the No.1 training provider for CCIE Security and CCIE Voice in the whole of Asia. With world class infrastructure, industry leading trainers and proven track record, DC@ Networkers Home is where dreams would be realized for many years to come.I would invite you to come visit our campus, interact with our trainers and engage with our student community to see why we have successfully been the No.1 training provider for the last 8 years.

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