Whats different about CCIE ?

Lots of people are confused about what makes CCIE exam so special and whats the difference between this Certification and any other IT Certification ?

Here is the difference

1. CCIE is a lab exam+Written exam and almost $2000 Exam which is huge money .

2. It requires atleast 400 hours of practice on real world equipment and those equipments are very expensive .These are the same equipment which major companies are using to run thier Gigabit speed enterprise network.

3. Its a step up certification which makes it important to first go through assocaite level and professional level certifications finally reaching to CCIE level which is expert level certification .

4. On average people spend 8 months to 12 months to prepare atleast 4 hours a day which requires lots of motivation and hardwork .

Now all these factors make it a very specially but long journey .

5. Its training is only available in few countries and also exam facility is available in few locations .We are lucky to have this facility availability in Bangalore,india ,Earlier people use to go abroad to write the examination .

Now owning to all those complexities ,this certification becomes Father of all IT Certifications .

Now comparing it to most of the other IT Certifications ,you prepare for those small modules maximum one month duration 2 hours a day etc or 5 Days straight .This is a different monster and to beat it you need to be highly motivated .I always focus on building some solid motivation before starting and constant motivation during training .If you are clear about the end result which has power to transform your career and take care of your financial problems in future .You will not have any problem in achieving it .


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