MULTIPLE CCIE’s -is it worth it ?

Over 50% CCIE Candidates achieve a second CCIE certification in their lifetime .Over 20% go to even triple CCIE .Now the Question is why do they do multiple CCIE ?

Here are some answers i could think of

  1. To expand knowledge into more domains like Security ,collaboration ,data center or wireless etc
  2. To achieve better career growth .There is no denial that multiple CCIE holders make more money as compared to single .
  3. International jobs: Most of the international jobs require consulting profiles which means dealing with multiple technologies in a large project .
  4. Glory of holding another prestigious tag (i rate it lowest reason)

I have some great examples .There was student of mine from Hyderabad who use to work for an ISP service for 3.5 Lakhs as tech support engineer . She was B.Com degree holder and very basic CCNA level of knowledge levels . She did CCIE Security from us and got a package of 12 Lakhs start in a TOP MNC Company based in Bangalore .2 Years later she did CCIE Voice from us and further last year she passed her CCIE Data center lab .Today she is working for Infosys as senior consulting engineer on a package beyond your imagination of growth .

Another thing i have noticed is race in Cisco employees across the world to achieve more and more CCIE .Cisco promotes thier employees to achieve CCIE as it helps them do more complex troubleshooting and also build rock solid concept of new topics.

Hope you find this article useful .


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