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I happened to read a great book named ” Rich Dad and Poor Dad ” almost 10 years back .The whole book is full of wisdom and changed my life forever .Over 600 pages book final message is how a rich dad teaches his children to invest and make more money ,while poor dad is teaching the child to save the money and let it grow at slowest rates .

Institute like NETWORKERS HOME when it was started ,the clear market to benefit was Lower Middle class and Middle class however we have only seen upper middle class and rich people enrolling ,passing and getting more bigger opportunities . Problem is severe if i get into detailed mindset .Infact i am more scared about those who donot have exposure or opportunity either .Just to give you an example ,there are many working professionals who work in same domain of Security ,DC ,R&S etc and they have equipment access etc. Now its easy to pass and get certified and further enhance thier careers .Problem comes for those who donot have that exposure .Thats where places like NETWORKERS HOME come into picture which not only provide equipment ,training,placement support but also gives long term training options which are must for people indulging into new technologies and to the level of CCIE .

Have you ever noticed that rich people keep on getting rich with every next generation and same applies in opposite direction to poor .It could be  matter of exposure that makes a difference . Although i have never met a single person in my life who does not think that he is not brilliant  .Its mental poverty which further leads to financial poverty .I always wanted to see more participation for lower middle class and middle class which never happened .Students from those backgrounds are just too scared to do anything big and also scared to spending money . Ultimately the book succeds in giving the message that Children of Rich will keep on becoming rich and poor will keep on becoming poor because of the fundamentals of Rich Dad and Poor dad .


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