What is common between Narayan Murthy ,Narender Modi ,Indira Gandhi ,Mahatama Gandhi ,Azim Premji , Dhirubhai Ambani ,Flipkart Bansals ,Snapdeal founder ,Micromax founders to anybody you name it in India .One common ground is that they have either studied abroad ,worked abroad and connected abroad and they got an exposure of opportunities much ahead of our time . If you have ever travelled to USA or Europe ,you can easly make out that we are around 10 years to 25 years behind .When Dhirubhai went to Turkey in early age ,he got a great exposure to work for a petroleum refining company . Finally he ended up building World largest Petro refining plant in india .Same with Azim Premji who studied in Standford at one time .

Exposure in the world of technology is the key to success .Its never about knowing HTML when whole world has learnt it .Its about knowing it when billion dollar dotcoms are made on it .Going back to history Pandir Nehru and Mahatama Gandhi etc all studied in UK and came back with a dream to build a great nation .Same is true with Narender Modi /Rajiv Gandhi /Indira Gandhi who learned quite a lot from the exposure they got either during travelling for long times or studying in those countries .Today there is no dotcom in INDIA which is not founded by somebody who is not connected to USA .Just try searching for founder and you will find the exposure connection . Go into deep of Anand Mahindra to Sunil Mittal ,you can find how exposure changed them from ordinary people to super successful people .Now coming back to India ,people are scared of world exposure .Exposure is always about going to the open world or different places and learning  things . This seems as most risky to ordinary minds . Ultimately same people dream of becoming super successful even with 20 years old ideas ,how is that possible ?

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