CISA vs CIA – Which one opens the door to plethora of opportunities?

If you also aim for success in your career then you ought to think about the certification that can help you attain it. Nowadays, with cut throat competition increasing in the job market to attain and sustain both, you require yourself to be upgraded with latest updates.

Mind it! Staying updated is not just restricted to the IT industry these days. In every field, in every job, employers seek for such people who are actually “Readymade” – Means ready to get on board and stat giving results.

When it comes to certifications, because of so many options available, sometimes it becomes quite cumbersome to make the right choice.  On the other hand, it is crucial that one should make precise decision as it’s the question of your career. The decision is tough to take because it involves cost, hard work and time. If all scenarios are to be taken into consideration and you got to choose between CISA or CIA then surely, this article can help you. As both the courses relate to the field of audit, we believe receiving complete details about the certification would aid in selecting the course.

About CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor)

The certification in Certified Information Systems Auditor is a certification offered by Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA).It is a globally recognized certification for the field of audit, control and security of information systems. This certification is seen with high respect in the stated field. CISA certification talks about IT security, IT governance and risk management. The employers prefer CISA certified when they look for Auditors in their organizations. This ensures the organization to have the expert skills that can be beneficial for them.  It also affirms that the applicant owns a strong baseline along with a set of auditing skills. The failure rate associated with this exam is quite high. To obtain the certification the candidate has to pass the examination that consists of sections on the following topics:

  • Auditing techniques and practices
  • Reporting techniques and control objectives
  • Gathering and maintain the evidence in forensic investigations

The applicant is eligible for the exam if he or she has an experience in one of information systems of expertise out of six. The minimum experience of five years is necessary. In addition, to it, the applicant should be willing to sign and meet the terms associated with the Code of professional Ethics in ISACA’s.

About CIA (Certified internal auditor)

Institute of Internal Auditors aims to offer dynamic leadership in the profession of internal auditing. It is again a globally recognized certification. CIA targets to set expert standards for brilliance in profession.

CIA certification is divided into 3 parts. The certification lays focus  on the International standards for the practicing the Internal Auditing.  The journey of this certification is completely on managing the internal audit project and concluding the concepts related to internal risk, control, governance, and technology. The process of earning certification in CIA is to establish foundational core and Initial growth in career to:

  • Determine your skills with the staff and the clients.
  • Discriminating you from your peers.
  • Enhance your knowledge of best practices in the industry.
  • Exhibit your professionalism and proficiency.
  • Lay a base for continued advancement and improvement.

A CIA is entitled to apply for Internal Audit Practitioner designation. The certification permits you to make obvious your aptitude in internal audit.


Significant facts about CISA

  • CISA certification is for high standards of IT auditing.
  • It is technology based audit; in case you perceive your future into audit then you can think of giving it a shot.
  • Practical benefit of seeking a certification in CISA is it is easier and the process of examination is faster.
  • Course can be completed in 6 months or even in 2 months.
  • The course is a short term consideration and affordable too.

Career opportunity – CIA vs CISA

That’s a fact that professional standards are raised once you have certifications under the belt. A competitive advantage can be earned through them. According to the current market and current value of certifications, an individual is more likely to draw higher salary with CISA certification as compared to CIA. Though, it largely depends on the industry, the company, and your role.

Ultimately it is an individual choice. It is all about the focus, ambition that you dream about. Life is all about making the right choice at the right time. One being the king of their own world has all the rights to make this choice. Hence, we can only provide you with the relative facts that help you gain some clarity about them all.

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