American Dreams for CCIE

During my recent visit to setup an office in New York ,i got almost 6 months time to live and see real American businesses .Now whenever we visit any place ,we evaluate things based on our own understanding .Here is facts i noticed

  •  Most of  states and areas have access to 100mpbs to 1 GBPS speed for Around Rs 1500 OR usd $17 .
  •  17 Times bigger country in terms of GDP and per capita Income .
  •  Job market is far bigger than what we can image .
  • Everything from road cleaning to everyday task is done using engineering and science .
  • 8 Times bigger country in size 
  • Transport system to connect every single place 

In a nutshell it would not be wrong to say that they are 25 years ahead of India .

Now looking at jobs site like indeedjobs USA etc ,i could guage the shortage of trained manpower . Now the big question is how to reach to international jobs and i found following things

  1.  Focus on core jobs like Network Engineering which requires firewall/IPS or Heavy duty servers etc installation and they cannot be replaced by Remote Tech Support .
  2.  Focus on very advance and new technology areas like Big Data ,Data Center .Advance cloud computing which has a great demand
  3.  Be ahead of trends

Most of the people talk of technology but thier minds are closed to implementation .There is a big difference between knowing and implementing .There are surely opportunity but people have to really plan and do efforts to prepare themselves for those cutting edge jobs .

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