Acute Shortage of Skilled Man Power

First before reading one should go through following headlines in prominent indian news paper .

2014 should be known as super negative year for INDIA where we only saw things changing ,we still donot know for good or bad .As i am from Skill development Industry ,i will talk about the downturn we have seen in 2014 .Since 2007 ,i have only see uptrend of Indian fresher students joining our CCIE programs and becoming successful .However last year i saw atleast 30% downturn for the first time . As we have invested massively into equipment for us it was easy move to shift to Online training for international and Rack rental services . However for IT MNC Compaines ,it came out as big blow .First time i have seen Director level people calling us for hiring requirement as there is no manpower available .We have over 1500 vacancy request from CCNA level to CCIE level candidates and supply is not even 800 . So whats gone wrong ? I am not sure whats wrong but for sure existing IT employees made a killing this year .Read great articles as how Infosys distributed Iphone6 to lakhs of employees or HCL gave 130 Mercedes to retain mid level talent retain . 

As far as we are concerned ,we got a great success in International market and Rack Rental Services became our second big business model . Demand for Rack rental services for DC took me to New York USA to setup more racks .

On the existing students side ,it was a great year .Freshers students got offers of 28 Lakhs ,37 Lakhs and upto 60 Lakhs from Singapore and Middleast . I think the only looser in this whole year has been IT Companies who had to give away more money as there is an acute shortage of people .

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