Where are the jobs ?

The most discussed question  till now on every forum is that do we have enough jobs in India for CCIE Candidates ?  Most of the people asking and answering this question on various forums donot even have a clue about Indian IT Market.

Mosty misguided by these so called experienced people ,students who want to persue anything big donot find enough courage . Last 8 Years of running NETWORKERS HOME ,i have seen an average of 2 offers per Cisco certified candidate and infact 2014 was the only year where freshers even got international jobs .To understand everything ,we need to know the complete picture .This is where experienced people like me who worked with Companies like Wipro ,Cisco TAC ,Etisalat,Mobily  -Middleast comes into picture . Most of the people replying those questions are engineer level people who have only small picture of the World .Let me show you where thousand of NETWORKERS HOME Alumni are working today .

First and foremost hiring happens through at-least 100 Technical Assistance Centers including Cisco TAC both Cisco ,Aricent ,HCL and Juniper TAC runing through CSS Chennai as well as Juniper itself .Now over 100 Telecom providers like British Telecom ,NTT ,KPN,Orange -UK and list is endless .These are big ISP and Telecom companies abroad who are running technical support centers in India due to huge pay difference in UK ,Europe etc. 40% of the NH Students are working for these companies . Third and the large list is Fortune 1000 companies who have offices in 200 countries .These companies cannot run thier Network operations without massive Data Center of their own .Either these companies are running thier own IT systems or outsourced the same to Cisco Gold/Silver partners like Infosys, TCS ,Wipro ,HCL ,Accenture ,Cognizant etc . In a nutshell Cisco sells 47 Billion USD (3.5 Lakh Crore) worth of Networking Gear every year .In last year 10 Years alone Cisco has sold almost 25 Lakhs Crore worth of equipment as per thier Turnover given on thier website .Technology is changing from ethernet to Gigabit now upto 100Gig per interface .As of now i have not even included Juniper and thousand more companies who run IT Gears like Netapp ,EMC etc. Also i have not mentioned about MIDDLEAST and Singapore /USA IT Market which completely depends on us today for supplying networking and Software engineers . 15% of our Students are working today in Middleast and Singapore . 2014 has been an exceptionally big year as even freshers got a chance to part of Large companies in International Market .

The new things which are driving the job market even further are online companies like Flipkart ,Myntra and Snapdeal etc .Now sales crossing a billion Dollars and majorly they all are dependent on technology .Today the trend is that Cisco Nexus 7000 and Nexus 9000 is being sold more into enterprise market than data Center Center market .Cisco Built Nexus Series kind of products for Data Centers which requires massive speed however lots of enterprises who wanted to run their core Network on extremely fast gear adopted so demand for Nexus engineers have doubled .

Now till now i have not included billion or Half a billion deal which our Local IT Companies are winning where 60% of the money goes into IT networking ,Network security and computing products .We have now 100 Billion Outsourcing  IT Industry of our own .

My advice to youth will be to open your eyes to the big world of Information technology and Internet .Demand is 5 times bigger today than supply .We had over 34 companies visited this year for Campus interviews due to shortfall of people in Networking Industry . A lot of projects are going  back due to not meeting enough skilled people .This is the right time to Invest in your career .





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