SDN is finally here

I remember the times when Basic IP Routing was in big demand .Routing word itself was a new word and anybody who is CCNP Certified will be blindly hired by IT Companies for US projects .This is some 20 years back .20 Years later same story happening with Virtualization and Data center .Almost every single company and product is heading toward Cloud and transition is so heavy that it is a game changer for many small players like us .On one side we have massive demand for corporate training on SDN and Cloud ,other side big companies have pickedup all the best talent including senior trainers .In my last 8 years ,i did not see a big demand and surge for hiring as i have seen in Cloud domain .SDN is so hot that people are ready for pay  USD $30000 for 2 days task on APIC kind of SDN platforms .

So what is driving SDN demand and who is going to suffer the most (also who will benefit the most)

Before all this i would like to remind of you the companies who closed down in recent times ,just 5 years back these companies were in good demand .

Nokia : The company which some time ago used to be the market leader has seen its global market share to just three per cent. Nokia, which overtook Motorola in 1998 to take the crown of biggest phone manufacturer of world, lost its prestigious crown after struggling for last 3 years.

People who are today thinking of going for old CCIE technologies like R&S are going to be nokia way soon .You are doing things which were 20 years old in fashion .Remeber is always about new .

Now let us understand Reasons for SDN Demand

Bring Your Own Device

The rise of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has created an influx of personal devices trying to access the corporate network, and the need to support these varied devices is driving new demands for enhanced network security and flexibility.

Cloud Services

As more and more services move to the cloud, users have come to expect on-demand access to applications, infrastructure and other IT resources. A dynamic, scalable network architecture is essential for embracing the full agility of cloud services.

Big Data

Collecting and processing today’s big data is a massive task that demands additional network capacity in the datacenter. To support the rise of big data, datacenter networks must be able to scale exponentially while maintaining any-to-any connectivity.

Traffic Changes

Traffic patterns within the enterprise computing environment are shifting dramatically. Factors like new applications accessing different databases and servers, changing user access behaviors and new endpoint devices have created unpredictable traffic patterns that demand flexibility.


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