Some insttitutes in Delhi NCR claims to have best placement records and attracts more candidates on the name of placement as compared to CCIE Results and quality .It has always been a great formula which works in Delhi .It started with hardware and networking training institute and later moved into everything .Some points to be noted about their business model

  1. Huge number of videos of people saying we did CCIE Training but not displaying numbers .
  2. Website has hardly 100 CCIE in last 6 years of existence
  3. No partnership letter or formal tieup letters or logo on website
  4. CCIE candidates telling that they got 2.5-4.5 Lakhs package (such a shame)
  5. 90% of testimonial videos donot have CCIE number of candidate

I am amused to see such a successful transformation of business model . The whole focus has shifted from producing results and covered up with candidates either failing or not even attempting exam for the lure of 3.5 Lakhs per annum job .It also re-writes my own fundamentals of CCIE certifications.Here was my understanding

  1. CCIE has been the most respected IT Certification in the world .No body till date has been able to beat its stature .With growth of internet and new technologies ,its going to grow even more .
  2. Around the world ,CCIE Certification is known to move into highly paying jobs and not just jobs .In my own training venture ,people leave highly paying BPO jobs as well as jobs in C Grade IT Companies in india to join ace companies like Cisco systems and also tap international job opportunities .
  3. CCIE has been a transformative certification as i can boast over 1000+ alumni of my organization working in Cisco systems india and internationally.
  4. Over 200+ Students are working in Senior manager IT positions .
  5. Over 300+ Students are working in United states on H1B Visa .
  6. 90% of these students have been able to triple their income level in just 4 years of passing CCIE Lab exam .10% students have been able to multiple incomes by 5 times of more .

I had great mentors who told me to be futuristic in everything i do .I remember my decision to move from Delhi training industry to Bangalore around 7 years back . I could foresee that Delhi competition model is to dilute the original product and offer some product which will only benefit the training company .Another reason was to focus on massive IT industry in Bangalore where even Re-skilling requirement of IT workforce is huge.Infact there is a huge difference in websites of bangalore based CCIE Training companies and Delhi based companies .While Bangalore based companies are heavily focus on technical aspects ,Delhi vendors are heavily focussed on job guarantee schemes.Candidate needs to understand that job comes with knowledge and certification . Stop focussing on job guarantee schemes and start focus on learning ,multiple job offers will be waiting for you if you have the right skills .

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