Going Backward

Here are questions i would like to  reader

  1. Would you like to buy the cheapest mobile phone in market ?
  2. Would you like to buy phone model which is 22 years old and has no relevance in todays world ?

Same thing is what i see today when People wants to go for CCIE R&S Track . I donot even know  if they have done any home work before even thinking of going for such an old technology .At the same time i do understand India has highest vacancy for CCIE R&S jobs however lowest salaries as compared to any CCIE Track . I do understand we are around 15 years behind US and other countries however still if somebody has a plan to go abroad and join international jobs ,he must think in forward direction as compared to going backwards .

Cisco from 1993-1999 was a world leader in Routing and switching .Today Cisco is no where close to same leadership however there is no doubt Cisco has become leader in New Products like Video conferencing ,SDN ,Data center ,UCS ,Security Products and many more new technologies .Cisco let other small players dominate in old technologies .If we look at internet itself ,Cisco has been behind the growth of all new technologies and keep on leaving space for old stuff .

Here is step by step process

  1. Internet growth and birth of Routing/Switches (Cisco was world leader )
  2. Security Products requirements when internet connectivity came with challenges .(Cisco is world leader today)
  3. Audio and Video conferencing products( Cisco is world leader)
  4. SDN ,CLOUD ,Data Center (Cisco is biggest player in the area)
  5. Many other new trends like IOT (Internet of the things ) (Cisco is world leader)

Ok let us compare it to our life ,5 years back you use to work on some salary . Would you like to stay at the same level or leave that space for somebody else and move into new and more profitable position ? It looks like in India this is the most complex thing to understand and make others understand .Well somebody rightly said that common sense is no so common .

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